About Cassie Zebisch

Hi, I am Cassie Zebisch.

The founder of ttlead

I have been studying dance for 15 years. The hardships and pains are only known to me and I want to share my story with you and why I started this website.

I graduated from the University of Arizona School of Dance and now my main job is to teach dance to students in training institutions. I love teaching because I can see the passion in the youth. This passion has had a huge impact on me and I love it so much.

As a child

I didn’t like dance as a child, but once by chance I danced a dance and ended up being seen by a teacher at a training institute. He said I was very talented in dancing, so he wanted to teach me dance for free.

My parents were very happy to hear this, and from then on I started to learn dance.


I continued to study at that dance institution until I went to high school. In elementary and middle school, I participated in countless competitions and won many awards, but I always had the greatest desire inside me to perform on the biggest stage.

During my high school years, my greatest desire came true. When I was 16 years old, I competed in the All-American Junior Competition and won 10th place in that national competition. Although, there weren’t many awards, the competition fulfilled a childhood dream of mine. It took me 5 years from learning dance.


University of Arizona School.jpg

With my outstanding performance in high school, I was invited to audition for the University of Arizona School of Dance, where I was selected with top grades.

College life was great and I danced every day. I danced all kinds of dances, and I felt very fulfilled every day.

But there were a lot of annoying things in college, and that was the transition. When it officially started to turn dance into a career, I started to get scared.

I didn’t like teaching others to dance, I knew I liked dancing on my own, so I did very poorly in some of the college courses that required us to be dance teachers.

john dance teacher
I Find John Teacher in My Collegue Website.

Eventually, I was approached by my teacher John, who was very kind and came to me to comfort me after he understood my situation. He said: He didn’t like teaching students before, but now he likes it very much. Because everyone’s physical condition is different, we all adapt to different types of dance.

If you want to dance all the dances in the world, then you should become a teacher. As a teacher, teach different people to dance all over the world, so that we can experience different dance cultures. And eventually make ourselves better from the inside out.

John’s teacher’s words had a great impact on me, and I later came to the training facility after I graduated. I have witnessed the growth of each of my students here and I am very proud of it.


I created this blog. I want to record my life and how I feel about dance. And also recommend what I think is the best product. I have trained many students and I know they lack a professional blog to buy the best products. There are many kinds of dances and many different products. My next goal, to write about all the dance equipment and give you the most complete dance knowledge.