3 Best Ballet Shoes for Toddlers

Ballet Shoes for Toddler

Ballet lessons for your young child can spark a lifelong love of dance and art. But with tiny, growing feet, your child needs ballet slippers that offer protection while fitting well. 

To help you find the best ballet slipper options for your toddler, I tested dozens of pairs before finding the three best options for your child’s dancing feet.  

With a lifetime of dance experience, I know the value of a comfortable fit and what that brings to a young dancer’s enjoyment of ballet. A child’s growing foot should have support and protection. 

Here are three slipper selections that will have your young dancer pirouette-ing in no time.  

Quickly overview for different ballet shoes

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Best Overall: Stelle Ballet Practice Shoes 

Whether these ballet shoes will be worn in ballet class, for dancing around the house, or with a gown for parties or flower girl duty at a wedding, they’re comfortable, sturdy, and at an affordable price.  

Best for Durability: Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoes 

A known name in the dance world. Capezio brings this leather ballet shoe with a lovely floral lining. Your child may not want to take them off! 

Best for Comfort: DoGeek Canvas Ballet Shoes 

A breathable, flexible canvas ballet slipper, this DoGeek model will allow freedom of movement with comfort. 

These three may seem similar in looks, but there are differences in design that you and your child will appreciate. Each is made from a different material – polyurethane, leather, and canvas – and they come at different price points. 

Keep reading to learn more about each of these lovely choices.  

3 Mini-Reviews of Little Ballet Shoes 

Best Ballet Shoes for Toddlers: Stelle Ballet Practice Shoes 

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We chose these sweet little slippers as Best Ballet Shoes for Toddlers because they check all the boxes for kids as well as parents. They’re comfortable and flexible, and with their polyurethane upper, they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. 

We also love that these slippers are versatile, looking as cute with leggings or a party dress as they do with a tutu. 


  • Among the most affordable ballet shoes, we reviewed 
  • Durable 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Some parents say the “ballet pink” color choice is closer to beige than pink  

Best for Durability: Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoes 

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We think these classic leather ballet shoes are close to indestructible. All leather, upper to sole, with a pretty daisy print cotton lining for the pink version, the stitching is sturdy and the elastic drawstrings are bar-tacked.  

If you’ve had the frustrating experience of having an elastic come loose or a seam split in your child’s ballet shoe right before a dance lesson, then you’ll appreciate the quality construction of these ballet shoes.  


  • Superior construction 
  • Cotton-lined for comfort 
  • Capezio is a respected name in dancewear 


  • Parents have cautioned that these ballet shoes run small  

Best for Comfort: DoGeek Canvas Ballet Shoes 

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If your little one has wide or hard-to-fit feet, we recommend these canvas ballet shoes from DoGeek. These stretchy adjustable ballet shoes have gotten rave reviews for comfort. 

Suede soles keep these ballet shoes from slipping, and they can be cleaned with a damp cloth or even tossed into the washing machine. Make sure to air dry them, though.  


  • Adjustable elastic ties and stretchy canvas makes these perfect for toddlers with hard-to-fit feet 
  • Very comfortable 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Not as durable as other models we reviewed 

Buyer’s Guide 

ballet lesson

At first glance, kids ballet slippers may all look alike, but there are key differences among them in design, materials, and durability, not to mention comfort. 


material ballet shoes

Ballet practice shoes for children are usually made from canvas, leather, or polyurethane.  

Canvas will stretch to the shape of your child’s foot, even if it’s wide. This makes for a very comfortable ballet shoe. Canvas can be easily washed, which is an important plus for toddlers.  

These fabric shoes will become worn more easily, but with a growing child, you may be replacing toddler ballet shoes for size before they wear out. 

Ballet slippers made of buttery-soft leather are beautiful, but they can’t be washed as easily in case of spills or splashing in a nearby mud puddle. Leather child ballet slippers are durability stars. 

Polyurethane is more sturdy than canvas, less expensive than a leather ballet shoe, and easy to clean with a damp cloth. 


ballet shoes design

Children’s feet need greater support, so the best ballet shoes for toddlers are those with full soles, which give a toddler’s sometimes-wobbly legs and ankles greater stability, according to Dancerholic

Some young dancers prefer split-sole ballet shoes, which offer more flexibility. 

Ballet Shoes 101 

Buying toddler ballet shoes isn’t like choosing sneakers or Mary Janes. These FAQs should help. 

How should a ballet slipper fit? 

Children’s feet grow quickly, so wanting to buy a size larger in shoes so they can be worn longer is understandable. It’s not a good idea for your child’s foot development, though. Ballet shoes require a good fit.  

What size ballet shoes should I buy for my child? 

Choosing ballet shoes online may make selecting the right size tricky. Generally, when ordering ballet shoes online, children younger than 5 are considered toddlers, children ages 5 to 10 are in the “little kid” range and those older than 10 may have sizing similar to women’s sizing.  

How Long Do Ballet Shoes Last? 

The growth of your child’s feet, the materials ballet shoes are made of, and how much they’re used all contribute to how soon they’ll need to be replaced. Generally, expect them to last at least six months. 


ballet shoes for children

We think the best ballet shoes for toddlers are Stelle Ballet Practice Shoes. They’re durable but affordably priced, making them easy to replace when outgrown.

Stelle ballet shoes are versatile, meaning you may want a pair for wearing outside of ballet class. 

Now that we’ve narrowed your choices, click and order through the Amazon affiliate link to have the best ballet shoes for your toddler.  

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