A Dancer’s Guide: 5 Best Jazz Shoes for You

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We tested four different pairs of jazz shoes and found the Capezio Women’s EJ2 E-Series Slip-On to be the best shoe for jazz dancing. 

Regardless of which style of dance you do, most dancers have a pair of jazz shoes nestled in the back of their closets. Jazz shoes are almost an essential item – but it can be difficult to figure out which shoe is right for you. 

Most dancers won’t be able to just pick a random brand and call it a day. The wrong pair of jazz shoes can leave your feet aching after a long day of practice or even just throw you off your rhythm. 

We’ve tested several different jazz shoes on the market, and our favorite pick has to be the Capezio Women’s E-Series Slip-On – not only is this shoe comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time but the soft leather it’s made from is durable enough to withstand frequent use. 

Of course, every dancer has different needs. Some dancers prefer their jazz shoes to fit a specific way for their style of dance, while others need to ensure their shoes won’t begin to wear down too quickly. 

Just in case our top pick doesn’t meet your needs, we’ve reviewed three other pairs that just might – keep reading for an in-depth look at the best jazz shoes currently available.

The Best Jazz Shoes

Not sure where to start looking for the best jazz shoes? Check out our top four picks below! 

Capezio Women’s EJ2 E-Series Slip-On

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There’s a reason why we’ve named these Capezio slip-on as the best jazz shoes – and it comes down to durability and comfort. While the soft leather on the shoe makes it durable, the neoprene arch ensures that extra strength doesn’t come at the expense of your comfort. 

As a slip-on shoe, jazz dancers can slip these shoes off in a matter of seconds (or slip them on). This makes quick changes even more convenient, and the low sides of the shoe help make sure they don’t dig into the sides of your arch. 


  • Holds up well for frequent and regular use
  • Made with real leather
  • Absorbent cotton lining helps avoid sweating
  • The heel is non-slip 


  • Sizing may be irregular
  • The shoe may fit more snugly than some dancers want

Bloch Dance Women’s Pulse Leather Split Sole Jazz Shoe

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If you’re a dancer that prefers a tighter shoe capable of stretching, the Bloch Dance Women’s Pulse Leather Split Sole Jazz Shoe may be the right pick for you. The moldable suede on the front helps ensure that the shoes can grip the floor, which makes spinning or turning even easier. 

Since the heel is closer to the floor, dancers should have better control when it comes to quick stops. 


  • The design of the shoe accentuates the arch
  • The heel and moldable suede helps give dancers optimal control 
  • Nice arch support
  • Easy to find the right fit if you follow the brand’s guidelines


  • May deteriorate a little faster than some shoes
  • May begin to feel uncomfortable after several hours of wearing them

Dynadans Leather Upper Slip-On Jazz Shoe

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If you’re looking for the right jazz shoe for a toddler or child, these Dynadans Leather Slip-On Shoes could be what you’re looking for. The flat heel is just under half an inch, which should give the dancer more control on the floor. 

For extra support and comfort, the arch is neoprene, and the fabric on the inside of the slip-on can easily stretch. 


  • A great choice for younger dancers
  • Supportive and comfortable arch
  • Easy for kids to slip on and off 
  • More durable 


  • Can be tricky to find the right size
  • Don’t work well for adult dancers

STELLE Leather Jazz Slip-On Dance Shoes

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Although some leather can feel suffocating on your feet, the STELLE Leather Jazz Slip-On Dance Shoes use breathable leather that can help a lot of sweating. Even if these shoes may feel a little too snug at first, they should begin stretching after you put them on. Once again, the lower heel can provide better traction, especially on slippery surfaces. 


  • More flexible than some other choices
  • Breathable and comfortable 
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Easy to slip on and off 


  • May take one or two tries to get the right size

What to Look for When Buying Jazz Shoes

jazz shoes

Even if you may understand what the best jazz shoes are, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what to look for. Before you make a purchase, here are some factors to consider: 

  • Material: The material that your jazz shoes are made from can have a huge impact on your performance. Certain fabrics can make your feet feel as if they’re sweating and even chafe if you wear them long enough. If possible, aim for jazz shoes that use breathable leather or mesh panels. Both options help keep your feet cool while you dance, especially for those long practices. 
  • Type of Sole: You’ll often see jazz shoes boast low heels or split heels. A low heel, which is usually rubber, tends to be more durable and helps the dancer maintain control during jumps or spins. Advanced dancers, however, may prefer a split-sole, which can steady their steps and provides more flexibility. 
  • Comfort: Comfort is crucial for dancers. When you have to wear a shoe for several hours a day, you can’t sacrifice comfort. Jazz shoes with neoprene arches or stretchy materials are typically more comfortable as they allow the shoe to stretch with time. Keep in mind that most jazz shoes may feel too snug when you first wear them, but they should loosen up with regular use. 

Final Thoughts

As we’ve mentioned, all four pairs are great picks, but our absolute favorite is the Capezio Women’s E-Series shoes. These shoes cover all the bases: not only do they provide traction, but the neoprene arch and breathable leather ensure you’ll have no trouble wearing them all day. 

Interested in picking up a pair of the best jazz shoes? Buy them here!

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