Pole Fitness Vs Stripping – What’s the Difference

Pole Fitness Vs. Stripping

Several fitness enthusiasts enjoy performing pole dances to stay fit and strengthen their bodies. However, many may equate these actions to pole dancers stripping. If you look at both scenarios, you may ask yourself if there’s any difference between the two. As similar as they are on the surface, they still share nuances that people use differently. 

On either side of the Pole Fitness Vs Stripping argument, nobody wants to be judged for the things they do. If you use pole dancing as a hobby or profession, you have the right to embrace it and be accepted without receiving slander. 

Perhaps you want to see both sides of this argument in a new light. If you’re interested in doing one of these activities, you may find it helpful in knowing how to do them in the ideal environment or mindset. If you want to know about the differences between the two, we can enlighten you on what makes them stand out from each other. 

In this article, we will discuss a few of the differences between pole dancing vs. stripping. Some of these components include:

  • How pole fitness is used as a workout
  • The idea of sexual expression
  • Recreation vs. profession
  • Physical benefits

The Stigmas of Pole Dancing and Fitness

Pole Fitness

Suppose you’re an outsider without further knowledge on the subject. In that case, you may commonly hear people talk about how pole fitness is the same as stripping fitness, and is nothing more than an excuse for exploiting and objectifying someone’s body. However, that’s not true.

People who use pole dancing as fitness instead of a form of erotic dance may use the same muscles to maneuver it, but never for the intent of gaining money or an audience. 

Some may also argue that fitness and sport were the original intent of using the pole, typically for men. Once it became an element of performance and entertainment, it became equated with the art of sensual dance and provocative culture. Pole dancers may also feel affected by others thinking that it doesn’t take much to climb, spin, and do splits on a pole. 

Pole Fitness as a Workout

Pole Fitness

Several people find enjoyment in using pole fitness as a form of physical activity. Still, some may question how it’s used as a workout when many people associate it with stripping. Typically, there’s a lot of upper body movement involved when moving up and down an exercise pole.

Before becoming popularized for sensual dancing, pole fitness had origins as a strictly male-centric sport. In India and China, men would use climbing poles to build their strength and endurance while leaping to perform airborne feats. They also wore layered clothing to prevent friction burns.

There are several places people can go to for pole fitness lessons. Instructors encourage others to use their poles for building strength and performing squats, sit-ups, and push-ups. If they get the hang of it, they can move onto climbing, spins, and inversions. By performing these exercises, people can tone their upper bodies and cores.

Some benefits of performing these routines include improving joint mobility, improving your balance, burning extra calories, reducing stress, and promoting blood flow.

Sexual Expression via Motion

Pole Fitness

Many people associate pole dancing with stripping, but showing off several movements and stretches doesn’t mean it’s automatically sexual in nature. Context plays a crucial role in how pole and stripping fitness differ from each other. 

The performance environment also differs between pole fitness and pole dancing. Many people prefer doing pole fitness in their homes or with a class in a fitness center. The poles they use also have a simple design and structure from the floor to the ceiling. Expressing your sexuality is optional, depending on your preferences.

Stripping is typically performed in specific venues, such as clubs, and takes full advantage of the theatrical and public environments. These show poles are mostly placed on decorated stages and reflect lighting to match pole dancing and stripping theatrics.

Recreation vs. Profession

Pole Fitness

Perhaps one of the most significant differences between pole fitness and stripping is how people use them. Some people like to partake in pole fitness as a hobby, while pole dancers rely on it as a profession. Everybody has a right to perform as much as they want and how they’d like to do it.

On a professional entertainment level, pole dancing focuses on choreographed movements that entice sexual desires. Attire-wise, they usually show off enough skin to grab attention before pole dancers start stripping. 

In sporting events, there are regulations for what competitors can wear. Shorts and t-shirts that don’t emphasize cleavage are acceptable, but sexual outfits, including latex, heels, and bikinis, aren’t. If you do fitness at home or in class, you can still wear minimal sports gear to enhance your movement on the pole.

While people use pole dancing as a form of fitness, some enjoy doing it without delving deep into exercise or stripping. It’s also excellent as a recreational activity, with classes promoting it as a hobby or dance without sexual overtones. If you want to learn to spin, flip, and climb a pole, this might be ideal for you.

Final Thoughts

Pole Fitness

While pole fitness and stripping may appear similar in practice, specific characteristics separate them from each other. Stripping relies on enticing theatrics and ethnic movements as dancers maneuver their poles, while pole fitness utilizes these aerobic movements without incorporating sexual appeal. While each activity requires training, it may take longer to perfect stripping performances.

Stripping plays a role in their profession and requires physical training to show the most prowess, while pole fitness focuses on toning the body to improve your overall health and wellness. While these factors can coincide based on one’s preference, they still differ from each other based on context.

There may be pole dancers who might not strip as much as others, while others may embrace sexual expression for their fitness regimen. If you’re interested in taking a pole fitness class, try searching for available classes near you. 

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