3 Best Shoes for Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing shoes

I tested eight pairs of top-quality shoes and found STELLE Character Dance Shoes to be the best shoes for swing dancing. 

Trust me. This isn’t my first swing dance rodeo. I’ve been at this game for years, long enough to know what cuts it in a dance shoe and what doesn’t.

If you want a primo set of swing dancing shoes, go with the STELLE shoes. Their heels are sturdy and tall, their style is gorgeous, and their interior feels so good.

Of course, not everyone wants straps or heels—take a look at my second pick in that case. Moreover, you may be buying for a child. If you are, take a peek at my third pick!

You deserve to know the whole story behind every shoe on this list, so keep reading to discover what I found!

STELLE Character Dance Shoes – Best Overall

Swing Dancing shoes

Let’s say you like to swing it in high heels. We’re talking 2.5 inches here. Look no further: the STELLE Character Dance Shoes have you covered.

These shoes start at 1.5 inches heels and go as high as 2.5. They’ve got a dashing aesthetic, too: you do them up with a stylish buckle and strap. Not only that, but they come in two colors, black and tan—elegant colors for a swinging good time!

Of course, STELLE made these shoes for dancing, so they’re not just good looking. They’re functional, too. You’ll find the lining is soft and super comfortable. If you’ve got wide feet, don’t worry about excessive pinching: these shoes are very accommodating.

So, whether you’re looking to add height to your dancing or want something comfy, STELLE Character Dance Shoes are among the best shoes for swing dancing.


  • A range of heel heights
  • All-American, family-owned business
  • Faux leather—ideal for dancers avoiding animal products
  • Affordable
  • Multipurpose, ideal for dancing and everyday life


  • Limited size range compared to other brands
  • The size listing is for women’s sizes only

Dynadans Women’s Leather Upper Slip-On Shoes – Best for Accessibility

Shoes for Swing Dancing

Not every swing dancer has an easy time with straps—or shoelaces, for that matter. However, thanks to the Dynadans Leather Upper Slip-On Shoes, anyone can step in and dance on!

Dynadans uses genuine cowhide, neoprene, and EVA for these shoes. Though Amazon advertises them as a women’s dance shoe, they also accommodate men’s feet. Their non-slip soles will keep you steady on your dance surface.

All of that might sound pretty technical, but these shoes are beautiful as well as practical. They’re sleek, chic, and come in black or brown. (I think they’re the best-looking pair on the list!)

All in all, the Dynadans Leather Upper Slip-On Shoes are both accessible and a beauty to behold. You’ll be able to tell why I say they’re some of the best shoes for swing dancing.


  • A breeze to put on
  • Comfortable fit
  • Wide range of sizes (up to a Women’s 14 or Men’s 13.5)
  • Commendable arch support
  • Reasonable price


  • The sizes run a bit small—you may want to consider ordering a size or two up
  • Slightly prone to scuffing; you’ll want to keep a care kit on hand

MSMAX Girls Latin Dance Shoe – Best for Children

Shoes for Swing Dancing

Do you have a little swing dancer in your life? The MSMAX Girls Latin Dance Shoes could be just the ticket!

Though this shoe is for children, it does not play around with its materials. With satin and suede making up this product, your daughter’s feet will be gilded in finery befitting an adult. They come in three colors, too: white, brown, and black. Your little one will feel so mature in these shoes!

Again, though, they’re not just pretty. They’re utilitarian. Because they’ve got soft fabrics, the shoes won’t hurt anyone’s delicate feet as they dance away. The straps are supple yet resilient, meaning the shoes will stay on children’s feet without causing any ouchies. On top of all of that, the soles are slip-resistant. 

What’s the best part, though? Some of the larger sizes can fit adults. So, if you and your kid want to match, you might be able to with MSMAX’s Girls Latin Dance Shoes!


  • Comfortable and refined materials
  • Durable yet gentle construction
  • Very elegant
  • Three colors
  • Able to accommodate some adults’ feet
  • Wide range of children’s sizes
  • Reasonable price


  • Might smell of suede for the first couple of days
  • Fits small on wide feet

What to Look For When Buying Shoes for Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing with a woman

Now that you’ve seen the best shoes for swing dancing, let me guide you through what you should know before you buy.


Swing Dancing group

What are you looking for in a dance shoe? Strappy pairs can look pretty, but as I discussed, that’s not for everybody. Find a pair you’ll be able to use painlessly.

Heels can also be alluring, but again, they’re not for everyone. Sometimes, you want a nice, flat sole. Figure out what your dancing needs are and choose from there. 


Double Swing Dancing

Some issues you might face while shopping include:

  • Size (some sizes are more available than others);
  • Material (some people have sensitivities or have ethical concerns, for example); and
  • Price (I’ve tried to keep the picks on this list in the affordable range, but some shoes can cost a pretty penny).

Always read the product listing carefully before you buy anything.

Use Cases

Are you looking for dancing shoes exclusively, or do you want something multifunctional? The STELLE Character Dance Shoes are suitable for many occasions, whereas the MSMAX Shoes are probably only going to see use as dance shoes (unless your daughter wears suede-and-satin sandals daily). 

Final Thoughts

Swing Dancing dresser

Overall, the STELLE Character Dance Shoes are the best shoes for swing dancing. Their materials, aesthetics, and comfort levels make them optimal not just for dancing but also for life in general.

Regardless of which pair you choose, I’ve included Amazon links to each product. Now go on, get your shoes, and live your best dancing life!

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