4 Best Shoes for Zumba

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We tested many different athletic shoes and found the following four to be the best shoes for Zumba classes. 

As shoe-experts and workout class enthusiasts, we know there’s a difference between the sneakers you need for each class you take. That’s why we’ve narrowed the best Zumba shoe options down to the top five.

Which Zumba shoe is the best? The Zumba Air Classic Remix. It has everything you and your feet need for dancing the day away and comes in many different colors. 

Just as the best running shoes provide comfort and stability, your Zumba shoes need to have specific aspects to help you dance with confidence and keep you safe from injury. The best Zumba shoes will have ample cushioning, a flexible design, a rough gripped sole, and plenty of arch support.

Keep reading for the best shoes for Zumba if you want to go to class prepared and comfortable.

Product Mini-Reviews

Instead of searching the internet for the best option, look at the top five Zumba shoes below.

Zumba Air Classic Remix – Best Overall

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If you want shoes for Zumba, why not look directly at the Zumba brand? The Zumba Air Classic Remix, the best dance shoe Zumba offers, provides maximum comfort and support, especially with its high-top to reinforce your ankles while you pivot and move. The shoe’s rubber sole ensures your safety further. 

You won’t have to worry about sliding or falling with the shoe’s resistant bottom. If you worry about your arches or want even more cushioning, the Zumba Air Classic Remix trainers have a replaceable sole. Instead of wearing the shoes as-is, you can remove the sole and insert your choice arch supports. 

RYKA Influence – Best Cushioning

Ryka Zumba shoes

Dance to your heart’s desire without fear of injury or discomfort in the RYKA Influence cross-training sneaker. The RYKA brand has designed their Influence shoe with comfort in mind, incorporating cushioning in the heel and the forefront. With each step you take, the cushioning lessens your feet’s impact with the ground. 

Thanks to the RYKA Influence’s mesh, direct-fuse layers, your feet can breathe, and the synthetic flexibility material allows your foot to bend and flex in any way you need during your Zumba sessions. These shoes, in their comfort and moveable design, will let you perform with confidence. 

New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 – Best Material

Balance Zumba Shoes

Dancing can make you feel as light as air. It would be best if you had shoes to match. The New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 cross-trainers mesh and synthetic materials make it one of the most lightweight shoes in the market, so you won’t feel weighed down while you move. The design also makes the shoe flexible, able to accommodate your range of motion. 

Unlike other workout shoes strapped up with long laces and thick rubber padding, the New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 trainers have a sleek, modern design making them versatile for varying outfits and activities. 

Vionic Miles Active Sneaker – Best Arch Support

Vionic Zumba shoes

These durable sneakers provide a reprieve to your feet during many different activities, from walking to Zumba. While they may not look it, this pair of shoes have superior arch support earning them a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

Besides optimal arch support, these Vionic sneakers have a rubber sole that’s durable and safe. The thick layer of rubber will prevent any possible slips or falls during your Zumba workout. The shoe, especially the rubber sole, is reliable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them soon. 

Buying Guide


Before you purchase a pair of shoes for Zumba, you should take their flexibility, cushion, grip, and arch support into consideration.


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Zumba requires fluid movement, so your shoes should accommodate any twists, turns, jumps, and other free-flowing dance moves during your workout. A shoe with ample flexibility will allow your foot to bend and pivot easier than it would with a clunkier shoe. 

Flexibility is crucial for Zumba, so you don’t get injured, such as a twisted ankle. It would help if you had shoes that move with you to prevent that. 


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Whether you participate in a long or short class, you move on your feet the entire time. Wearing the wrong shoes or shoes without enough cushioning will leave your feet feeling sore afterward. To prevent any discomfort, you need a pair of shoes with ample cushioning to support you during your Zumba class. 

Throughout the jumps, steps, slides, and every movement in between, cushioned shoes will soften the blow every time. Cushion will also reduce the risk of injury the bottoms of your feet might accrue due to ill-cushioned shoes such as plantar fasciitis, otherwise known as heel inflammation. 


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Since Zumbo involves many immediate steps and a range of motion, your shoes need to have a stable grip, so you don’t slip or fall during your workout. Sneakers with a slick bottom or without enough grip may lead to injuries such as a twisted ankle and possibly worse if your feet slide and you land the wrong way.  

A shoe with a good grip will help you reduce injury risk during your moves and let you move with confidence. 

Arch Support

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Like cushioning, your Zumba shoe should support your arches, especially if you have low arches or flat feet. Stomping and moving around in shoes without arch support will leave your feet sore and you with discomfort. 

Shoes with arch support, however, will alleviate and prevent any pain. In general, shoes with arch support will provide more comfort too. 


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Overall, the Zumba Air Classic Remix shoes are the best option for Zumba. The company designed the shoes specifically for Zumba classes making them breathable, comfortable, and supportive. While the other options make great competitors, the Zumba Air Classic Remix cross-trainers go above and beyond to give you the best Zumba experience.  

Place your order today and wow in Zumba class tomorrow. Click here to secure your pair.

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